Her compositions are lyrical and infectious and never overly mannered. They remind us that a great chamber-jazz composer can inject vitality into well-trodden influences


New York-based pianist Marta Sánchez distills the natural world, taking in small vignettes and turning them into springy compositions for her quintet

Jazz Trail

In her quest for excellence, Ms. Sanchez has a lot to give to the scene

The New York Times

The pianist Marta Sánchez, who moved to New York from Madrid in 2011, has one of the most quietly memorable groups in jazz


Conquering her space with a triumphant confidence, Marta Sanchez, proves she is a top 21st-century composer. . This seminal work takes us to unexpected places, radiating energy in its most varied forms and passages

NPR “Fresh Air”

The music Marta Sanchez writes gets intricate, but she also gets memorable effects using simple means. That's part of what she gets from pop or medieval music. She can make a melody out of one note and the right rhythm. Jelly Roll Morton called that kind of spark the Spanish tinge


"The eight heartfelt compositions transcend their cerebral methodologies, painting compelling chiaroscuro canvases that are beautiful, mysterious and restlessly morphing"

New York Times

It’s glimmering, propulsive music, with hints of elegiac Spanish folk song, cool jazz from the 1950s and the Romantic modern jazz of the 1990s

All About Jazz

The album's second half finds Sánchez further cementing her position as a multiform artist and ceaselessly creative pianist

Jazz Journal

I found this a beautiful, endlessly compelling album, as intelligent as it is lyrical, melting and melding forms and feelings to consistently arresting effect

Lucid Culture

Purposeful and vivid music played with intense focus

NYC Jazz Record

Sanchez's complex material offers sizeable rewards to those who don't insist on immediate gratification from music.

Festival de Jazz Madrid


Throughout this programme there is ample opportunity to also enjoy Sánchez’s lyricism and dynamic thrust which is illuminated in the wonderful colours and textures of her music on this superbly satisfying disc

The New York Times

It’s an ambitious record by a strong new group


There’s an intriguing flow throughout Partenika, pianist Marta Sánchez’s second album as a leader. Like the heartbeat of a city or the pulse of an ecosystem, Sánchez’s original pieces mesh together into a comprehensive framework.

Bird is the Worm

Just a wonderful recording

Chicago Reader

Spanish pianist Marta Sánchez finds a new voice in New York

All Music

With Partenika, Marta Sánchez and her bandmembers have created a fine album for nudging open-minded post-bop lovers toward the unpredictable, and for avant jazz fans seeking something nuanced as well as challenging.

All About Jazz

it's like waking up to a whole new and wondrous world

NYC Jazz Record

Step Tempest

will surprise listeners in its melodic and emotional range, in how the individual voices move easily and freely around each other, thanks to the delicate yet exquisite melodies and harmonies the pianist creates.

The Jazz Breakfast

Beautiful writing beautifully played. A fine and fresh sounding album.

All About Jazz Italy

Vi è piuttosto un riuscito lavoro sullo sviluppo di piccoli nuclei tematici verso direzioni non scontate, su una libertà interpretativa che non sconfina mai in eccessi, il tutto finalizzato ad un armonioso insieme di voci personali, di ritmi diversificati, di stimolante gioco delle parti



As beffiting her background and passions, Sanchez's music melds jazz and classical forms in ways that sound natural and new, the combination reflecting a soulful chamber-music aesthetic

El Correo

Marta Sánchez interpreta cada pieza arriesgando lo que es, dejando que conozcamos cómo es capaz de entender la realidad, cómo reflexiona sobre cada milímetro del entorno

Festival de Jazz Madrid


Cancion a Quemarropa

Desde Cascadas a Unchanged, pasando por Nenúfar, Sánchez sigue describiendo perfectamente sensaciones, atmósferas y lo hace con un quinteto de verdadero lujo